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Vodka Brand Tries To Distance Itself From Russia Amid Boycott

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Всё забываю сфоткать #ingress #enlightened #voynich #SPb #футболка #shirt Просмотреть в высоком разрешении


Всё забываю сфоткать #ingress #enlightened #voynich #SPb #футболка #shirt

Cold War Nostalgia


All this talk of Boycotting the Russian Olympics I can’t help but think our politicians here in the U.S. are happy to revise some classic Cold War style tension.  

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The Politics of Homophobia in Russia Goes Global [podcast 74 minutes]

It started as part of Vladimir Putin’s efforts to shore up support among traditionalist Russians after losing the urban middle class. But Russia’s laws marginalizing gays and lesbians and an ensuing string of violent homophobic attacks have turned into a major international headache for the Kremlin — sparking everything from vodka boycotts to calls to strip Sochi of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Growing Up Gay in Russia


Yet another garbage article provided by the Huffington Post. Lots of propaganda here trying to appeal to Western butt hurt allies. Article was all over the place. Real quality journalism.

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